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Did you ever want to be a revolutionary, but couldn’t find a cause to get behind? Maybe you just didn’t want to leave your computer or bookstore? Well we have a plan for you…

We need a thousand of the most deft and artistically liberated humans possible to help us get the word out about Such Great Heights (A Novel). This means doing things to promote the book on the internets and the actual real-life nets:

  • Spreading general merriment
  • Posting things about Such Great Heights (A Novel) on your FB or Twitter, or other peoples FB or Twitter
  • Going into book stores and requesting they stock the book
  • Recruiting other members
  • Writing Amazon and Goodreads reviews
  • Making the world kinder and gentler
  • And more…

There will be rewards beyond what you can imagine. And in the afterlife, you will receive total enlightenment for helping promote beauty in the vast cultural wasteland that this shiny blue ball called Earth has become. Just kidding, things aren’t so bad here. But we do want to get the book out to as many people as possible. And we will be offering unique and unusual rewards as part of this mission, should you choose to accept it. For instance:

  • Personalized events at your house or location of your choosing
  • 1/2 hour one-on-one phone sessions with the author and creator of Disembodied Poetics
  • Personalized songs(s) or poem(s) written to you or for you, maybe even recorded for you
  • Free books and unusual items
  • Good advice on random things

Start by signing up to the email list, and you can choose how you want to participate. We’ll give you options. And we’ll give you love and support. How many email lists or revolutionary movements can say that!

Much much love and gratitude,

Chris Cole, AKA Disembodied Poetics